Canadian Fencing Federation - Canada finished strong at the 2019 Junior/Cadet Pan American Fencing Championship by bringing home a total of 16 medals

Canada Takes Home 16 Medals From The 2019 Junior/Cadet Pan American Fencing Championships


Canadian Fencing Federation – Canada finished strong at the 2019 Junior/Cadet Pan American Fencing Championship by bringing home a total of 16 medals and four titles, which is five medals more than the 2018 Pan American Championships.

Canada competed in Men’s Epee, Women’s Epee and Men’s Sabre in the last three days of the competition.  Ted Vinnitchouk (TFC, Ontario) brought home gold in Men’s Junior Epee.  He defeated Leandro Sauri (MEX) 15-8 in the semifinals and then went up against Alexander Camargo (BRA) 15-14 to win gold in an exciting final. Fynn Fafard(DYN, British Columbia) finished 16th overall in the same competition.

Continuing to medal for Canada was Ariane Leonard who took home bronze in Junior Women’s Epée. After defeating Rosario Del Rio Diaz (CHI) 15-12 to advance to the semifinals, Leonard then lost against Danierys Maya (VEN) 15-14 in the final to earn silver. Also placing in Junior Women’s Epée was Shirley Guo who placed 9th and Christina Zozulya who finished 10th overall.

Taking home silver in Junior Women’s Epée Team was Tamara Booy (FAOC, Alberta), Shirley Guo (VGO, Ontario), Ariane Leonard (OM-, Québec), and Christina Zozulya(DYN, British Columbia). The Canadian team defeated Brazil 45-39 to advance to the semifinals, where they defeated Chile 41-35.  Canada then lost in the finals 45-33 against the USA to win silver.

Another team who took home silver was the Junior Men’s Sabre Team of François Cauchon (BRE, Québec), Angelo Chiara (BRE, Québec), Nicholas Dinu (MEC, Quebec), and Andrew Wei (BRE, Québec). The team defeated Puerto Rico in the semifinals 45-25 to advance to the finals, where they lost a close 45-40 to the USA to finish second. Canada’s Junior Men’s Epée Team of Nathan Brunet (OM-, Québec), Fynn FafardSeraphim Hsieh Jarov (DYN, British Columbia), and Ted Vinnitchoukplaced 5th overall.

In Junior Individual Men’s Sabre action, Francois Cauchon defeated Hender Madina (VEN) 15-8 to advance to the semifinals, where Cauchon lost against eventual gold medalist Kamar Sweete (USA) 15-11 to win bronze. Also placing top 16 In Junior Men’s Sabre was Angelo Chiara who finished 7thNicholas Dinu who was 9th, and Andrew Wei who finished 16th overall.

Nicholas Dinu won gold for Canada in Cadet Men’s Sabre. Dinu defeated David Echartea (MEX) 15-9 to advance to the semifinals.  He then went on to defeat Matheus Becker (BRA) 15-8 to advance to the finals, where Dinu defeated Fabio Salles (BRA) by the score of 15-12 to win gold. Also medaling in Cadet Men’s Sabre was Brendan He(AXF, Ontario) who defeated fellow Canadian, Shae McFadden (MGB, Manitoba), 15-11 to advance to the semifinals.  He then lost a close match against Fabio Salles (BRA) to take home bronze. Also finishing top 16 was Thomas Greenwood (AFC, British Columbia) who finished 7th and Shae McFadden was 8th overall.

Christina Zozulya brought home silver in Cadet Women’s Epée after she defeated fellow Canadian, Shirley Guo, 15-13 to move onto the finals.  Zozulya lost in the finals against Greta Candreva (USA) 15-8 to finish second. Placing right behind Zozulya was Shirley Guo.  Guo defeated Audrey Taylor (USA) 15-11 to move onto the semifinals, where she lost a close match to Zozulya to earn bronze. Also placing top 16 was Grace Xu (VGO, Ontario) in 12th and Grace Hu (VGO, Ontario) who finished 13th overall.

Placing 6th overall was Nathan Brunet in Cadet Men’s Epée, along with Jason Man Kit Li (TFC, Ontario) who was 15th overall.

Following is a summary of all medalists and top 16 fencers for Canada:

1stJessica Zi Jia GuoHHFOntarioJunior Women’s Foil
1stJessica Zi Jia GuoHHFOntarioCadet Women’s Foil
1stTed VinnitchoukTFCOntarioJunior Men’s Epee
1stNicholas DinuMECQuebecCadet Men’s Saber
2ndJessica Zi Jia GuoHHFOntarioJunior Women’s Foil Team
2ndXiangxin HeHHFOntarioJunior Women’s Foil Team
2ndAnnie LinTFCOntarioJunior Women’s Foil Team
2ndCatherine WuHHFOntarioJunior Women’s Foil Team
2ndFrançois CauchonBREQuébecJunior Men’s Sabre Team
2ndAngelo ChiaraBREQuébecJunior Men’s Sabre Team
2ndNicholas DinuMECQuebecJunior Men’s Sabre Team
2ndAndrew WeiBREQuébecJunior Men’s Sabre Team
2ndTamara BooyFAOCAlbertaJunior Women’s Epee Team
2ndShirley GuoVGOOntarioJunior Women’s Epee Team
2ndAriane LeonardOMQuebecJunior Women’s Epee Team
2ndChristina ZozulyaDYNBritish ColumbiaJunior Women’s Epee Team
2ndChristina ZozulyaDYNBritish ColumbiaCadet Women’s Epee
3rdBlake BrozusOMQuébecJunior Men’s Foil
3rdNiklas HollandN/AUSAJunior Men’s Foil Team
3rdBrian LiYRKOntarioJunior Men’s Foil Team
3rdPatrick LiuOTTOntarioJunior Men’s Foil Team
3rdSimon PoonTFCOntarioJunior Men’s Foil Team
3rdNiklas HollandN/AUSACadet Men’s Foil
3rdAnnie LinTFCOntarioCadet Women’s Foil
3rdFrançois CauchonBREQuébecJunior Men’s Sabre
3rdAriane LeonardOMQuébecJunior Women’s Epee
3rdBrendan HeAXFOntarioCadet Men’s Saber
3rdShirley GuoVGOOntarioCadet Women’s Epee
4thJane ChenBREQuébecJunior Women’s Saber Team
4thLaurie-Ann LamotheSPAQuébecJunior Women’s Saber Team
4thJia Qi WuBREQuébecJunior Women’s Saber Team
4thCatherine WuHHFOntarioJunior Women’s Saber Team
5thBrian LiYRKOntarioJunior Men’s Foil
5thJane ChenBREQuébecCadet Women’s Sabre
5thNathan BrunetOMQuébecJunior Men’s Epee Team
5thFynn FafardDYNBritish ColumbiaJunior Men’s Epee Team
5thSeraphim Jarov HsiehDYNBritish ColumbiaJunior Men’s Epee Team
5thTed VinnitchoukTFCOntarioJunior Men’s Epee Team
6thPatrick LiuOTTOntarioCadet Men’s Foil
6thCatherine WuHHFOntarioCadet Women’s Foil
6thNathan BrunetOMQuébecCadet Men’s Epee
7thAngelo ChiaraBREQuébecJunior Men’s Sabre
7thThomas GreenwoodAFCBritish ColumbiaCadet Men’s Sabre
8thNiklas HollandN/AUSAJunior Men’s Foil
8thDarren DongNYFOntarioCadet Men’s Foil
8thShae McFaddenMGBManitobaCadet Men’s Saber
9thNicholas DinuMECQuebecJunior Men’s Saber
9thShirley GuoVGOOntarioJunior Women’s Epee
10thChristina ZozulyaDYNBritish ColumbiaJunior Women’s Epee
12thSimon PoonTFCOntarioCadet Men’s Foil
12thXiangxin HeHHFOntarioCadet Men’s Foil
12thGrace XuVGOOntarioCadet Women’s Epee
13thJudy ZhangAXFOntarioCadet Women’s Sabre
13thGrace HuVGOOntarioCadet Women’s Epee
14thLaurie-Ann LamotheSPAQuébecCadet Women’s Sabre
15thPatrick LiuOTTOntarioJunior Men’s Foil
15thLaurie-Ann LamotheSPAQuébecJunior Women’s Sabre
15thJason Man Kit LiTFCOntarioCadet Men’s Epee
16thJia Qi WuBREQuébecJunior Women’s Sabre
16thFynn FafardDYNBritish ColumbiaJunior Men’s Epee

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