Finland ’s most popular esports competition, the Finnish Esports League ( is now part of Challengermode’s NEL (National Esports Leagues) project,

Finnish Esports League joins Challengermode’s NEL


most popular esports competition, the Finnish Esports League (
is now part of Challengermode’s NEL (National Esports Leagues) project,
joining a quickly growing group of regional or national leagues across
Europe. Some of the other regions include the Baltics, the Balkans,
Spain and Portugal as well as the Nordic countries. Having previously
operated as a standalone competition, the will now provide its
top teams with the chance to qualify into Nordic and European regional
competitions, bridging the gap between amateur and professional esports
on the one hand, and the local and international on the other hand.

more than excited to include the FEL within our NEL competitions, as it
will provide the Finnish esports scene with the longevity and
seriousness it deserves. Having previously hosted the FEL as part of the
larger Nordic Esports Leagues we can now together with FEL take the
competition to the next level by offering local language broadcasts,
improved operations and a closer connection to grassroots esports in
Finland. Needless to say, we believe this is a great thing for both the
NEL project as a whole and the local Finnish esports ecosystem
- Philip Skogsberg, CMO at Challengermode

on using the league system, the FEL will now provide
a structure for amateur and semi-pro teams to play in a serious but
accessible esports environment, while allowing participants to compete
at a skill level that is appropriate to them, regardless of where in the
division structure they are playing.

joining forces with Challengermode, we are able to not only accelerate
the growth of our established leagues but also help the Finnish teams
and players reach new heights. Professionalizing the booming esports
scene in Finland has been a top priority for us since day one, and with a
partner like Challengermode and the tools they are providing us with,
we are taking a huge leap forward in that process.

- Jussi Halme, CEO at FEL

the NEL framework, all the regional or national leagues receive one or
more qualification spots to a larger yearly pan-European competition,
providing a clear path to the top for non-pro and semi-pro teams. More
information will be announced about this in the near future.

latest season of the FEL on Challengermode started on March 4th and
will run alongside the upcoming seasons for the other Nordic leagues in
Sweden, Denmark and Norway, starting in April. FEL is primarily played
in the game CS:GO, while DreamHack will continue running the Finnish
league as a qualifier for the Nordic ERL in League of Legends.

In summary:

  • launches CS:GO league via Challengermode, including it as part of the NELs.
  • The best teams in the league will get a chance to qualify to larger pan-European competitions.

national leagues, jointly named NEL - National Esports Leagues - were
launched as a concept during spring of 2018. The NEL is a new
competitive ecosystem that is based on several interconnected national
or regional league competitions across several popular game titles. The
purpose with the leagues is to create a structure where regular players
can compete at their skill level in national competitions and get the
chance to go all the way to international professional competitions.

will continue to expand the NEL framework to more countries &
regions in Europe throughout 2019. Established tournament organizers and
esports broadcasting companies are urged to submit their interest to
host NEL competitions in their region through the partner portal.


is a Swedish tech startup working on a competitive gaming platform that
offers the most accessible competitive gaming experience for
professional and non-professional gamers alike. Working closely with
game developers, brands and tournament organizers, the Stockholm based
company provides an esports platform built to combat a growing
disconnect within the esports industry.

of thousands of tournaments have been hosted through the platform
together with partners and brands such as Dreamhack and OMEN by HP. Some
of these include the "Nordic University Esports Championship" and
"League of Schools", two popular school competitions. With these and
future competitions Challengermode aims to build a bridge between
amateurs and professionals and provide a clear path to the top.


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