The 201902 ISOs were released. Here follow the highlights of the changes in this release.

SolydXK 201902 released

Linux Distribution

The SolydXK 201902 ISOs were released. Here follow the highlights of the changes in this release.

The new 201902 ISOs were released. These are some of the highlights:

  • The Live Installer will update itself when starting. It should show its update progress but sometimes it takes a while before it shows.
  • The Live Installer now supports f2fs and nilfs2 file systems for flash drives.
    Wiki f2fs:
    Wiki nilfs2:
  • Partition encryption during installation has been improved.
  • We changed the SolydXK Firefox settings even further to improve user privacy and also comply with Mozilla's distribution policies. This is done in the firefox-solydxk-adjustments package which can be purged if you don't need it.
  • Waterfox is now packaged and distributed by the SolydXK repository. You can install Waterfox with this command: apt install waterfox waterfox-solydxk-adjustments.
  • Several new features were added and many bugs were solved in our SolydXK applications.

Frank also released The Enthusiast's Editions and the SolydXK 32-bit editions. These ISOs are community editions which means that they are created, tested and maintained by the community. You can post your issues with these ISOs here:;=7015

Technical issues have prevented us to update the SolydX RPi3 image. You can still download the 201807 version from the download page until we solve these issues.

You can download the ISOs from our community site:
Do not forget to verify your download before you use it.

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