Magic: The Gathering Arena Saturday Fandomfare gaming backroom 30 Green and blue spells Jadiri Gamer let jump on in. I don't care

Magic: The Gathering Arena Saturday Fandomfare gaming backroom

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Magic: The Gathering Arena Saturday Fandomfare gaming backroom 30 Green and blue spells Jadiri Gamer let jump on in. I don't care how these people try to paint the Glitches in Arena ant longer its all bull shit I just played 37 games straight and other than 2 hat players quit before the match started I lost every one of them.

Spent a boatload of gold and gems on cards today though I wouldn't take this a huge positive news for the game in any way what so ever, all the new cards in the world won't fix the problems with the cause ranked play in this game.

there is not bad luck dumb lock or random at all i played with the same 15 decks I have won time and time again with yes I always lose my share but never lose every game and lose three rank in the same go this is glitched or rigged to get people to pay to play stop trying to spew bullshit and fix the game is my message to this crew who develop this game people aren't blind or stupid some just want to casual play like you promise is possible and not spend many $$$ a month and most are not pro players nor do they desire to be I an not the first to notice or bring these things up there are hundreds complaining about these issues on the forums at first I thought it was sour grapes but since February 14th the issues have grown even more bold and stand out bad matching is messed up out mached 9 out of every 12 games under matched other times that right 2 wins for every dozen games I have had it happen so often I know exactly which games I will win many times before I cast a card .

the cards shuffle is broken if you play a deck more than once the cards stop shuffling the deals that follow are Identical the the first within a card that many or many not be different . when opponent have deck of 100 or more cardd your hand will always have problem with land cards rarely will a you get more than during a whole game and if you somebody rare chance get a 3rd land it will always be just before the shot that take you out of the game .

I cm sat this because its a continuous game habit I have played nearly 10 months now and its been this way 7 of them months game after game day after day and to watch my live streams here that are saved is to probe it no need for anyone to try and recreate what hundreds.

then if all this isn't bad enough there are the guys who are fed up with the shit reporting the problem and not getting results that they will sit and join games just to F4 over and over as they get matches .is it any wonder the only interest in magic is the pro and armature gaming ? they cant hold new player there is so little concern or actions aon issues even a 5 year old could discover after a week of playing no one Hangs around to play long.

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