Introducing the World’s First Pokémon Go Snapshot Augmented Reality fan music video, Wild Monster Traps.

Wild Monster Traps

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Introducing the World’s First Pokémon Go Snapshot Augmented Reality fan music video, Wild Monster Traps.

London, March 1, 2019. British geeky apparel brand TeeChu has produced the world’s first Pokémon augmented reality music video using the new Pokémon GO Augmented Reality feature, GO Snapshot!
The new augmented reality feature was included in the massively popular smartphone app from Niantic last month.

Going beyond a regular snapshot, the “Wild Monster Traps” music video aims to capture the pure enjoyment of Pokémon by combining music with the GO Snapshot functionality. By generating short sequences with Pokémon in an augmented reality space, the short fan video creates the illusion of the much-loved critters living, breathing and singing within our own world!

The video can be viewed and shared here:

Sticking with the mobile format, the video was filmed purely on an Apple iPhone device using the Pokémon GO app from Niantic, with original music created using Garageband.

“When Niantic announced the new GO Snapshot feature, we just had to give it a go! Being able to spawn creatures in the real-world space using your smartphone is a pure, unrivalled joy. To be able to film interactions with our favourite monsters spawned the idea of a fan music video where the Pokémon become the stars of the show within our own world.” – Jorge Ba-oh, Founder

Main Features

  • World’s first Pokémon GO music video using the GO Snapshot feature
  • Combines AR technology with real-world footage
  • Filmed entirely using an Apple smartphone device
  • Original music produced using Garageband


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