Fatdog64-800 GNU/Linux is the first release of Fatdog64 with a new base platform, replacing the LFS 7.5/CLFS 3.0 platform, which was used

Fatdog64-800 Final Release

Linux Distribution

Fatdog64-800 Final was released on 28 February 2019.

Fatdog64-800 GNU/Linux is the first release of Fatdog64 with a new base platform, replacing the LFS 7.5/CLFS 3.0 platform, which was used in Release 710 series.

Release 800 is now based on LFS (Linux From Scratch) 8.2, combined with CLFS (Cross LFS) 2017.17, with packages updated to same version of BLFS or later.

At the time of the release there are more than 1700 packages and many more will be added as time passes.

As usual Fatdog64 does not upgrade from any older version but especially so for this release, being based a totally different platform. Save file/folders from older versions aren't compatible, start a fresh save file/folder instead.

A few older packages may still work, but in general they aren't supported and you should upgrade to the new package version if available. The same applies for SFS archives. Of special note: this release uses openssl from 1.1.x branch, which is known to be incompatible with openssl 1.0.x branch that was used in earlier Fatdog64 versions. All older applications that depend on openssl will definitely __NOT__ work.

Please report all bugs to the forum support thread.

Changes from 721:

The list of updates shows only the highlights because basically every package is updated.


  • Full system rebuild with major package updates.
  • linux-4.19.24
  • AMD microcode to latest (pulled on 2018-12-18)
  • gcc 7.3.0
  • glibc 2.27
  • eudev 3.2.5
  • sqlite3-3.26.0
  • openssl-1.1.0j
  • Xorg-1.20.3
  • xf86-video-amdgpu-18.1.0
  • xf86-video-ati-18.1.0
  • xf86-video-intel-2.99.18 (updated to the latest)
  • mesa-18.2.8.
  • GTK+ 2.24.32 with Glib 2.58.1 with GTK+ 3.22.30 in the repo
  • Qt 5.11.1 (partial) with Qt 4.8.7 in the repo
  • Openbox 3.6.1
  • LxQt Panel Qt5 0.12.0
  • ALSA 1.1.6
  • FFmpeg 4.0
  • CUPS 2.1.3
  • Seamonkey 2.49.4 with agent switcher
  • Evince fixes CVE-2017-1000083
  • Flash-plugin- with in the repo
  • VLC-3.0.6
  • Libreoffice-
  • Findnrun-4.0.2 with fuzzy search option
  • Fefind-0.11.4
  • Gimp-2.8.22 fixes with 2.10.4 in the repo
  • Bluez 5.50
  • Wine 3.16, 3.21, 4.0 supporting 32-bit and 64-bit Windows applications
  • SMB Browser 2.0.0
  • Various system tools updates
  • Hundreds of other package upgrades

New Features:

  • Redshift and GUI to set location.
  • Wpa_gui updated with network activity icon and renamed to Network tool.
  • Numerous ROX-Filer enhancements (rox-filer-jun7)
  • Click actions for many file types
  • More accurate drive icons
  • New and faster Control Panel
  • Several new Control Panel applets
  • Haveged daemon
  • fatdog-remaster supports "medium initrd" (kernel modules inside, basesfs outside)
  • BackSeatDriver (bsdriver) 3.19 - "Remote management tool" from smokey01
  • savedevice and basedevice are now bind-mounted to their proper /mnt/sdXY mountpoints


  • Fotoxx back into the base system (Viewnior remains the default image viewer)
  • AVIdemux into the base system
  • TigerVNC viewer replaces TightVNC viewer
  • Stronger system password encryption

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