Easy Live Stream Magic: The Gathering Arena Jadiri Gamer Today was Black and Red Spells no Deck of the day we have been trying to grind for rank

Easy Live Stream Magic: The Gathering Arena Jadiri Gamer

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Easy Live Stream Magic: The Gathering Arena Jadiri Gamer Today was Black and Red Spells no Deck of the day we have been trying to grind for rank its closing in on the end of the rank Period (Season It would be nice to move up if only a notch higher than we have been.

MTGA has Been King here on Fandomfare gaming Entertainment for a while but there could e a new King Coming April 11th Deck of Ashes Anti "Hero's are coming on fast"

the Matches have been just Bruttle the last few days,, I think a good part of the issue is that even though we play MTG Arena 7 day a week we have not built out card collection for the new Allegiance cards set the way others have starting to see cards used I have never seen before whole decks for that matter we don't purchase a whole lot in game and we are not big into events myself so we are not using our Gold or gems for this either . 

new King Coming April 11th Deck of Ashes Anti "Hero's are coming on fast"

that being said it occurred to me the other day that I am quickly closing in on having earned a half million in gold and gems since October with the larger part unused or untouched I still play with just the starter pack we brought long ago and the card I win weekly rank is completely new when I started rank had already been shut off so I never won any prizes there until the last month.

I tried hard to Import some new decks but my collection is so backward and is wild card so few we cannot complete any new decks by importing at all I have loads buckets of sweat equity invested in streaming and promoting the game not getting anywhere but grinding out wheels, to be honest, it seems as if the interest in gathering arena has fallen huge he numbers on my stream in the last week have fallen off in and of its self not evidence of interest waning

I have been for the last several weeks on a magic live stream spree Facebook youtube and twitch, numbers for the viewer are dropping at every turn twitch still has a lead when it comes to numbers of viewers at a time during a stream even so very few have even a dozen at a time watching facebook though MTGA is #1 on my gamers list most likely because of my post on magic sites and my own streams Biwers watching stream rarely more than one or 2 at a time.

I have to ask where has all the interest in this game gone? how is it we can open one of the lowest rated Roblox games and in less than 20 minutes have a 100 viewer like and question be joined in the game on our stream yet in the last weeks in maybe 40 hours of live streams we cant get `00 views.

as many reading this will know I also have a gaming website, where I post about updates new up and coming games Esports and more, there is this new up and coming game i Coming to Steam April 11th and I can tell you right now since the decks I posted about this game it has been trending all over Social Media People are tripping over themselves to learn more about this new card game if MTGA don't step up its game there could be a new Hen in the hen house to challenge everything they been working for including in Esports and streaming . this game seems to have the best of several worlds RPG Card matches you go on quest and physical battles to build decks and win matches Card game card collection online RPG and Fristshooter battle royal type stuff all in one and what more it only takes up 5 GB of disk space and only requires 2 Gb of ram great game for the little guy who is a game streamer 

in telling you I am watching this one and from just looking at analytic from my small website so are many many others.. I present on Pinterest is way bigger than on facebook and this my posts about this game have most hits of any beat my all-time high for tending posts there.

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