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Deck of Ashes Pyromancer is officially announced!

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Pyromancer The people with a magical gift have always had a target on their backs. Lucia, the impulsive girl, learned to conceal her talents the hard way. She trusted a man once. And he brought back the entire village armed with pitchforks and torches.

Then she joined the Outcasts. After they accidentally released the Ash Curse, she’s become the witch to burn. And before long, she was. But the Curse affected her in an unexpected and twisted way.

She burned alive and died to the cheerful cries of peasants. But as they thought that the show was over, she rose from the ashes, screaming and delivering swift vengeance. The Curse had made her the Flame itself.

But now Lucia’s body is stuck in her dying moment. Each passing second, a reminder of how it feels to burn alive.

The pain drives her mad, but now she has the power. She is the Pyromancer. 
And she will burn everything in her way to regain rest and peace.

And the most important!


1. Feel the Burn: Set your enemies on fire and watch them turn into a pile of ashes.
2. Strength Comes From Pain: Incinerate your enemies extra fast at the cost of your own health.
3. The Ultimate Sacrifice: Set your precious cards and deck on fire to obtain obscenely powerful effects.


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