Bookmaker LOOT.BET has become the General Partner of UCC, a company which specializes in broadcasting and organizing

LOOT.BET and UCC Sign Exclusive Collaboration Agreement


Bookmaker LOOT.BET has become the General Partner of UCC, a company which specializes in broadcasting and organizing esports events for professionals across popular disciplines. The cooperation is exclusive and is to last until February 2020.

Under the agreement, UCC will update their own studios design using LOOT.BET corporate identity elements. The company will also implement the bookmaker’s promotional materials into all their esports broadcasts and launch LOOT.BET dedicated activities on their streams and social media.

The agreement is a development of the previously established relations between LOOT.BET and UCC. The companies are working closely on conducting professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 events. Earlier this winter, LOOT.BET stood as the title sponsor for Bullet Blizzard tournament as well as LOOT.BET/CS and LOOT.BET/dota leagues with a total prize pool of over $250,000 in the presence of renowned teams.

The list of the companies’ joint projects also includes the LOOT.BET Cup #2, LOOT.BET Invitational, and LOOT.BET Holiday Cup events. In addition, UCC promoted LOOT.BET on their streams from third-party events, such as the recent iBUYPOWER Masters IV CS:GO tournament featuring a massive $250,000 prize pool.

“We have really huge plans for this year. Among other things, we will redesign our studios, introduce new editing technologies for live broadcasts, organize and cover many new and exciting tournaments. Collaboration with LOOT.BET will help us to ensure the highest possible quality of our contents and services, and we’re double pleased to have them as our General Partner as they have repeatedly proven themselves to be a great associate”, comments Dmitry Ryazantsev, Head of the UCC studio.

“Cooperation with industry recognized brands such as UCC allows us not only to capture target audience’s attention but also demonstrate our openness, reliability, and love for esports. We are totally confident that our partnership with UCC will positively affect the public attitude to betting and will make us even closer to our existing and potential users”, adds Paul Brel, Head of PR of Livestream Ltd, the operator of LOOT.BET.




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