Tuesday Live stream From Magic: The Gathering Arena From the backroom fandomfare gaming with Jadiri Gamer No deck of the day

Tuesday Live stream the backroom fandomfare gaming

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It has very much already been a crazy week at Fandomfare gaming I think because the weather has been so nuts the last 4 or 5 day

Its Tuesday Live stream Magic: The Gathering Arena From the backroom fandomfare gaming with Jadiri Gamer No deck of the day today we just need to cast lands 25 of them wins would be nice there is a pack of card here to collect today Facebook Screen share is really starting to piss me off again seems every day since the chrome update its messed up I have to restart my streams because of one issue or another with facebook

well things turned outbreak even once we got around the glitches and fails if there is games or groups out there that would like releases, Guest posts with a link let us know we are always looking to promote gaming , we are looking for a sponsor for our site fandomfare gaming to help fund the cost of equipment updates and such we are i need of here .

If you have a been looking for a chance to work on you Writing and your a gaming fan we are willing to give you a platform here on Fandomfare.com Contact us let us know message on Facebook

If you have been looking for a way to work on your reporting or writing skill we are always open to taking and posting your work on fandomfare.com let us know our sigh is self-funded self promoted family who likes to game and share some of our gaming experiences and RPG online however we won't lie to you all this cost money and can get costly when dealing with gaming and streaming .

Hope all Enjoy out streams and learn in some way from our time, please like and follow our page if you are interested in sharing releases or articles let us know, just know if you want a link and have a special condition for it there is a charge if it will be a link you will profit from . Articles and releases we would be interested in the Game release, reviews technologies related to gaming Linux, Windows IOS, Android,, Xbox Nintendo, Playstation,, also esports, reports leagues Tournament coverage , Blockchain and cryptocurrency Gaming Related fantasy sports, and unrelated to gaming Cannabis because it is the hot topic of the times we live in . #Mtga #Gaming#gamepress #madic #Gamestreaming

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