As the California cannabis industry enters the mainstream, so too have the environmental impacts or water use on cannabis farms. Studies show that cannabis farms

Revolutionary New Soil Amendment Vulx Promises to Drastically Reduce Environmental Impact of Cannabis Cultivation

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New Soil Amendment Vulx As the California cannabis industry enters the mainstream, so too have the environmental impacts or water use on cannabis farms. Studies show that cannabis farms have a disproportionately large environmental impact relative to their size, and given the recent spate of water scarcity and wildfires, concerns over water use in California are at an all time high. In response, the State of California has enacted stringent Environmental Impact Report regulations which, while environmentally salient, have proven extremely costly for cultivators.

In response to these rising concerns, enter Vulx, a volcanic mineral soil amendment which promises an average 50% decrease in water and fertilizer use while simultaneously increasing plant yield. Unlike many other soil amendments, Vulx only requires a one-time application. Soil treated with Vulx have its effects present for as long as the soil is in use. Growers who recycle their soil yearly will find its ability to reverse soil degradation helpful. As Vulx says on their website:

Vulx was created with one simple goal in mind: to create an effective, sustainable soil amendment that not only grows better plants, but contributes to a better environment.

Our solution, much like the goal itself, is simple, yet profound: by reducing the amount of water agricultural businesses need to grow their crops, Vulx alleviates the strain placed on our resources, especially here in California where water scarcity is an ongoing and growing problem. Additionally, crops grown with Vulx require less fertilizer, thus reducing runoff pollution as well.

These claims are backed by nutrient analysis of leachate from Vulx treated soil, which shows near-perfect retention of ammonium, nitrate, and potassium – all vital for a plant’s health. Vulx’s physical structure also retains water and slowly releases it back into the soil. These increases in water absorption mean less water is required for growth, while the increased nutrient absorption leads to up to 40% greater yields for any plant grown with Vulx.

As cannabis farms grow in number and volume, legal states will be forced to increase regulation in order to comply with Environmental Impact Report requirements. Thus, it is in the best interest of Cultivators to proactively improve their sustainability, if not to protect the environment, then to insulate their business from the stifling effects of regulation and oversight.

About Vulx: Vulx is a volcanic soil amendment shown to increase yield by 10-40% while halving water and nutrient requirements.




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