Wednesday Live WIth Jadiri Gamer in the Fandomefare Gaining backroom playing Magic: The Gathering Arena today's Deck of the day Black and Blue cast 20 spells

Wednesday Live WIth Jadiri Gamer MTGA in the backroom

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Wednesday Live WIth Jadiri Gamer in the Fandomefare Gaining backroom playing Magic: The Gathering Arena today's Deck of the day Black and Blue cast 20 spells. Well today they had scheduled maintenance and 4 hours downtime I have managed to update the start of the game was strangely slow Like it got stuck before entering the home page so I decided to shut down and reboot hopes that maybe for some reason the install didn't return memory or something Lets see how it goes this time.

Ok well it seems at least from where I was sitting that the update today repair many issues the game was having since valentines day update there was no disconnects freezing hen casting cards what ever the change was seemed to smooth out the deck builder as well how ever today was rough 8 matches 6 losses our deck of the day was strong enough to getthe job done how ever it never got dealt more than one or 2 land to play the cards every match casting some spells no problem defence offence didnt happen couldnt play any of the right cards I played 8matches today lost 7 .

I had miss move once because of clutter on the board from the opponent while I was trying to complete casting and setting up the attack during my play the opponent was casting to power up there cards and attacked myself oops .

I think later if life goes my way here I might try to see if we can get discord challenge working and see guess maybe all can learn how it works from our attempt I hope you all enjoy the streams Like and or follow the our page here check out our site for other great gaming, ESport News and the technologies behind gaming . #MTGA #warframe #gaming#LiveStreaming #deckoftheday #Backroom #mtgarena

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