Today Magic the gathering Arena Had downtime for maintenance February 20th which last about 4 hours Roughly and there was an update which

Magic the gathering Arena downtime for maintenance Here is what bugs fixed


So Today Magic the gathering Arena Had downtime for maintenance bugs fixed February 20th which last about 4 hours Roughly and there was an update which was made to fix many issues discovered from the Validness day update the sticking or freeze when casting cards issue, many had off and on disconnection before and during games many other issues including could not resolve player inventory issues which seems to have been cause by having large deck of 250 card or so ..

I was in playing right as maintenance ended and the patch was released , all the issues I did notice on myend and I did not have them all but some I did and all of them seem to e better o more suck casting cards all the time there was a bit maybe normal lag

Issue that I did notice right off is that now rather than going directly to the home page a black screen lingered then the logo shows up and the game seems locked up it was so much on my first startup of the game I thought it was locked and I did a cold shut down of my laptop and reboot on the second game relaunch I waited a bit and the game finally loaded to the home page as it should .

here is a list of the bugs repair by the update today from the MTGA forum

Bug Fixes

  • Creatures reentering the battlefield with toughness less than or equal to 0 are now correctly put into its owner’s graveyard (Example: Hydroid Krasis returning to the battlefield after being exiled by Deputy of Detention).
  • (JP/KR Localization) Players who set the installer language to Japanese or Korean will no longer see a black screen when they attempt to launch the game for the first time.
  • Players should no longer experience longer than expected matchmaking times when entering the Play queue.
  • Cards should no longer become “stuck” on the battlefield mid-animation.
  • Players who have saved decks with extremely high card counts should no longer receive a “Could not resolve Player Inventory” error message while logging in.
  • Addressed an issue that could cause frequent disconnects for some players.


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