adiri Gamer Magic: The Gathering Arena today deck of the day Green and black cast 30 spells Sunday in the BackRoom, wow this was a rough day for magic

Jadiri Gamer Magic: The Gathering Arena What a mess today disconnects miss matches no lands

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Jadiri Gamer Magic: The Gathering Arena today deck of the day Green and black cast 30 spells Sunday in the BackRoom, wow this was a rough day for magic we had many too many hands with less than 2 lands even after mulligans disconnects right at the winning shot and program closed unexpectedly with an error ri/ght after logging back in .

we managed to complete the gaol but out time was 2 hours Really guys 2 hours to complete what should be roughly 45 minutes I had far too many hands where my deck of the day was way-way miss matched. with hands, deck 3X stronger than our one the fly deck of the day build.

Magic: The Gathering Arena Developers really need to pull things togeather with this update it has dome bugs bunnies

Ias much as I like the update just made after a few decks build I am not overly fond of the deck builder changes because it makes the builder slow and clunky does not make it easier to see cards it harder,, it does not make filtering any easier in fact filtering was never a problem anyone can read and click the button to filter what they want its how to get back to building the deck after your filtering selection is made that has always been the problem and still is .

I hope you enjoy the streams even with all the issues we have faced trying to get the stream done. and you will like and follow our page visit our site


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