MTG Arena now has the ability to Direct Challange through Discord integrated social features, one of the things we wanted to do in the meantime is better

MTG ARENA How to Discord Challange


MTG Arena now has the ability to Direct Challange through Discord integrated social features, one of the things we wanted to do in the meantime is better support the gaming communities our players are already a part of.

Fandomfare is excited to find new ways to make this a part of out gaming experance

With this refresh, MTG Arena presently underpins Discord Rich Presence and the capacity to Direct Challenge players through Discord. In the event that you have Game Activity empowered, Discord Rich Presence will give increasingly point by point status data to your companions—regardless of whether you’re deck building, picking your pack 1, pick 1 in Draft, or climbing the stepping stool in Ranked Play. In-diversion, the Direct Challenge cutting edge will highlight a Discord Challenge choice, making it less demanding for you to play against your companions or individuals from your Discord servers.

Here is Step by Step hot to From MTG Arena Forum om How to Direct Challenge

Discord Requirements

  • Magic: The Gathering Arena
  • Discord Account
  • Discord Windows Application
    • Note: Discord for web and the Discord Mobile App do not support Game Invites.
  • Displaying Game Activity (User Settings -> Game Activity -> Display currently running game as a status message.)

How To: Game Invite with Discord

MTG ARENA How to Discord Challange 5

Magic: The Gathering Arena

  1. Launch Magic: The Gathering Arena
  2. Open the Direct Challenge play blade.
  3. Select the “Discord Challenge” option, located beneath the entry field for your opponent’s display name. The play blade should now say Discord Challenge.
    1. If you do not see the option for Discord Challenge, please ensure you have enabled this feature. You can do so by going to: Options → View Account → Discord Integration.
  4. From the Discord Challenge play blade, select “Host”.
    1. If you wish to change any of the Challenge Options (Format, Coin Flip) you must do so before selecting “Host”!
  5. You will now be taken to the matchmaking scene.

Discord Integration is part of the February 14 update its a great step in making the Arena a Social Gathering Platform and more competitive for all we at fandomfare gaming, Jadiri gamer and the gang hope to see you in the arena we will be looking for way to make discord a part of our live stream and adventure together.


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