Riposte Games & Co and Furnace Games announced today its much-anticipated hack n’ slash dungeon crawler Dungeon Stars is coming to the Nintendo Switch on February 19th.

Check out the Nintendo Switch trailer here:

Stars is a family-friendly yet explosive evolution of the classic
dungeon crawler with addictive button-smashing action, set in a rich 3D
world populated by lovable characters and a rapid progression system.

your fellow heroes from dungeon-dwelling beasts throughout hundreds of
levels. Gather precious gold, steal potions, and discover all kinds of
magical loot as you attempt to locate all the stars from the sky and
return them to their celestial homes.

really wanted to make the game super accessible for fans of all ages
and there's no better platform to accomplish that on than the Nintendo
Switch. We're taking full advantage of the Switch by allowing players to
use both the controllers and the touchscreen for a truly innovative
dungeon-crawling experience."
Johan Eile, CEO of Riposte Games & Co.

Dungeon Stars Core Features:

  • Unlock over 15 heroes, each with unique abilities
  • Face hordes of warriors, beasts, brutes, wizards, monsters, and fearsome bosses
  • Free the stars and send them back in the sky to complete constellations
  • Liberate pet companions in the dungeons that will later join your side to help you in battle
  • Find magical loot with wondrous powers
  • Discover portals to secret dungeons filled with rare treasures
  • An addictive blend of hand-crafted and procedurally generated challenges

To celebrate the announcement, the game is available for pre-order today for only $4.99 on the Nintendo Switch Store in anticipation of its February 19th launch.

About Riposte Games & Co.

Founded in 2014, Riposte Games & Co
(formerly Cloudcade Canada) has emerged as a development powerhouse for
mid core F2P games on mobile, PC, and Web. Over the last few years the
team has developed and released top performing games across all
platforms, including the titles Mini Guns, Shop Heroes, Swords &
Potions, and Card Monsters. Led by a group of savvy video game
professionals, the company is built on a rock solid foundation that
combines technology and art to create a fantastic player experience.

About Furnace Games

Furnace Games
was founded by Jim Montgomery and Allan Ditzig and is based in Dallas
TX. The team is composed of an award-winning group of game makers with
decades of collective experience and 6 years working together on hit
games. The team has a proven track record of creating successful
franchises on console, PC and mobile platforms. With more than 40
combined years of experience across genres and consoles, including work
on hit titles like Mortal Kombat, Dark Age of Camelot, CastleVille and
Dungeon Boss.

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