should we attempt MTG Arena again today Jadiri Gamer the BackRoom there is no deck of the day today we just need to cast lands so let jump on in?

Seemed to me this should have been a straight forward knock it out of the park day however magic shuffle deal and draw issues lack of land and land floods simply turned this is to a way to remove all rank and any hope of finishing the season with better rank than last.

the other thing alive out there today was stupid decks one that mounts no defense just make it impossible to cast any or dump cards in your graveyard offering no defense or offense just dumping card till you have none left. if this group want Magic: The Gathering Arena to advance much further they are going to have to get the casual rank play in control mostly the things going on is chasing new players away.

hope you enjoy the live stream we being you no matter the reason everyone will find it interesting educational or funny for there own reason please like follow the page keep your eyes open we will be attempting our first test stream of WARFRAME sometime soon maybe later this afternoon

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