adiri Gamer in the BackRoom Playing Magic: The Gathering Arena BO3 We already finished deck of the day however glitches with the magic client failing to stay connected

Jadiri Gamer Magic the Gathering Arena Backroom BO3

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Keep watch on them Notices We are hoping to ge streaming Warframe as a regular feature

Jadiri Gamer in the BackRoom Playing Magic: The Gathering Arena  BO3 We already finished deck of the day however glitches with the magic client failing to stay connected and facebook share failing we got no stream so we try something new going to try traditional; rank never played this platform before it will be an education for us all if nothing else a good laugh

After several attempts, we finally got a stream going here Traditional ranked is rather fun we won our first best of three in spite of all the issues on out the first attempt with deck of the day we did manage to rank up to the gold their or as I dude 7 saifs we made our opponent cry a golden tear on us.

.the game seemed to be loaded with connection issues today never seen so many exploding players before the matches could start one point there was 5 in a row and yes we got credit for each as a win the deck we built today seemed to be a keeper played 6 games with it won 5 of 6 not to shabby in my mind for a deck just thrown together on the fly .

glad we were able to get out the stream in today keep your eyes open in the days to come iADIRI gamer and I dude 7 will be attempting to take WARFRAME Hoping to make this a regular feature here with magic the gathering .


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