Ok Time for fandomfare gaming #MTGA Saturday Live stream and Jadiri Gamer in the bank room deck of the day today were behind here and until they fix whatever

fandomfare gaming #MTGA Saturday Live stream

Live Game streaming

Stream 2 for Saturday live stream after game crash and restart

Ok Time for fandomfare gaming #MTGA Saturday Live stream and Jadiri Gamer in the bank room deck of the day today were behind here and until they fix whatever is wrong with matchmaking we are going to take the fastest route to get done ok attempt number 2 as the game crashed froze then disconnect after 3 matches Magic: The Gathering Arena is still sick like it has a virus or something the last day running very rough lacking matching and more

Jadiri Gamer getting warn down by endless issues

OK so the game is still running rough, we got locked up the server crashed wouldn't log back in enduring the first stream we had to do a cold shut down and start to get things going again wouldn't even let me in the task manager got it started and it went nonresponsive.

marching is still not right it seems to just be tossing me into a match just for the sake of making a game without reason two players and decks don't match or compare at all I have all confidence this to shall pass one-day maybe with the next update

in the coming days New features New platform Fandomfare adding a backroom for Game steams and reviews

to be honest with you I think te change causing this is the traditional rank play no one care any longer about rank pay letting people run wild with uncontrolled decks and the game cant handle matching any longer for that the open rank format its the only thing I can find in my thinking they need to get tighter control over deck building some card out there should be limited to just one or two in a deck getting some balance back in the game. just my thoughts who am I right.


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