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after more than 7 months your waiting is finally paying off, as Redcore Linux 1812 (codename Luna) reaches stable milestone. Initially scheduled to arrive in early December, then in late December, then mid January, this release had the longest development cycle to date. But I'm hoping you'll like and enjoy it, since is feature packed. Here's a brief changelog since Redcore Linux 1812 (codename Luna) ALPHA :

Changelog :

  • ALPHA changelog
  • resync with Gentoo portage tree (31.01.2019)
  • new grub theme, new plymouth theme
  • firefox browser updated to v65.0, opera browser updated to v58.0.3135.53
  • opera and vivaldi browsers received some attention in the form of additional codecs, you'll now be able to install opera-ffmpeg-codecs && vivaldi-ffmpeg-codecs to be able to playback h264 web content
  • kde-frameworks updated to v5.54, kde-apps updated to v18.12.1, kde-plasma updated to v5.14.5
  • vlc media player updated to v3.0.6
  • vasile (versatile advanced script for iso and latest enchantments) :
    • gained a new function--adapt
    • it will detect how many CPU cores are active on your system, and adjust portage's MAKEOPTS variable, so you don't burn your machine while compiling packages with emerge 😀
    • while this feature was implemented since Redcore Linux 1806 (codename Kepler), it wasn't exposed directly and you had to reset and setup the whole portage config using vasile --setup
  • LXQT spin fixes
    • backported some improvements from LXQT 0.14.0 so now pcmanfm-qt looks pretty, and uses theme icons instead of hardcoded ones (patch submitted by daywatch)
    • LXQT version is 0.13.0 still, as 0.14.0 was released in the same day we called it freeze the repository for stabilisation
    • LXQT 0.14.0 will enter our testing tree the following days and pushed as an update when ready
  • KDE Plasma spin fixes
    • screenlocker won't unlock in live mode, fixed
    • polished the default look and feel, and altough not as good as long standing LXQT spin (default wallpaper falls back to a KDE Plasma one), things will improve with time
    • some apps will still use their default icons, as our custom made icon theme lacks the icons for them
  • General fixes
    • sisyphus now runs since the first attempt, no need for sisyphus --rescue
    • screen flicker while booting in virtualbox, fixed

Download (pkglist): Redcore.Linux.Hardened.1812.KDE.amd64.iso




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