Gaming Uses Bitcoin - Does Anything Else?

Gaming Uses Bitcoin – Does Anything Else?

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The world of gaming makes some of the most consistent use of bitcoin. Through arcade sites catering specifically to bitcoin users, major platforms like Microsoft, and even some digital casinos, there are ample opportunities to use the cryptocurrency for entertainment purposes. This has been true for a few years now, but what we haven’t really seen is other consumer areas following suit.

Only a handful of other types of businesses, in fact, take advantage of bitcoin with anything close to the same regularity as gaming.

Limited Online Retail

Some large retailers online do accept bitcoin, though not as many as we might have hoped by now. FandomFare actually noted just in January that Overstock - arguably the biggest retailer to deal in bitcoin - was even paying its Ohio state business taxes using bitcoin. That’s not a particularly significant development as affects consumers directly, but it does indicate the depth to which Overstock is committed to the cryptocurrency. It’s proof, to some degree, that even fairly major retailers may at least be willing to give bitcoin a chance.

Some Betting Sites

Betting sites haven’t been quite as engaged with cryptos as ordinary casino gaming sites, but this may be changing. There are some betting platforms that accept bitcoin, and with Americans on the cusp of more widely legalized gambling, there figures to be a ton of innovation in this space in the years ahead. So, while just a handful of known betting platforms will take bitcoin as of now, it could be that some will adopt cryptos moving forward in order to differentiate themselves in a soon-to-be busy American market.

Travel Booking Pages

If there’s a single type of business that truly rivals gaming where bitcoin usage is concerned, it’s travel booking. Despite the fact that some major travel sites that once accepted cryptos have ceased to do so, there are still several popular platforms on which you can arrange and book travel and pay with bitcoin. It’s been speculated that this is perhaps the most natural of bitcoin industries given that cryptocurrency makes pricing universal, and thus makes arranging and paying costs across borders that much simpler.

Gift Cards

You may have heard that bitcoin can by used to buy gift cards to select stores from popular services like Gyft and eGifter. What you may not realize is that there’s a whole list of additional services (Fold App, InstaGift, and more) that offer the same deal. Simply but, it’s become very easy to use bitcoin to buy a gift card, which in a way simply transfers your bitcoin holdings to more widely useful forms of currency.

Private Shops

While we can’t get into specifics here, it needs to be mentioned also that there are plenty of private and independent shops both online and out in the world that have made the decision to accept bitcoin. In these cases it’s up to individual store owners, but some (you can find them on local searches for bitcoin-accepting businesses sometimes) have clearly made the calculation that offering crypto transactions will appeal to customers.

These are all interesting areas with the potential to expand their bitcoin activity beyond even what it is now. However, it’s still fair to say that gaming is leading the way.

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