MTGA Shuffle draw match Making not broken it is Extinct

Fandomfare gaming Todays Goal and Deck of the Day BLue and Red cast 30 spells

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time for Fandomfare gaming MTG Arena and Jadiri Gamer Todays Goal and Deck of the Day BLue and Red cast 30 spells we have won all the packs till Sunday but we need them wins for rank and gold lets go build the Deck of the Day

MTGA Shuffle draw match Making not broken it is Extinct

This was a very harsh day, One thing to say to devs fix the game there is no shuffle draw match Making not there I'm not talking broken here nope it's not broken it is Extinct it lives no more in the game if I build a basically random weak for spells only deck and get match with Hellfire and damnation something is seriously wrong it I get dealt 1 lands and then retry mulligan twice and both times get all mana as well something is wrong this is not random any longer it is intentional

I always try to give things benefit of the doubt, in the end, it only a game but today completely unplayable had I paid in someway video evidence here alone would condemn any supposed law of random or whatever it is they claim day after day.

this group is on very short leash with me and many others now for sure just toss me on that list there are just to many other games out there that are very good quality deserving of my time that care if their game is usable and putting on a good show each time out not showing signs of being in always glitching mode .

I know its tough when magic keeps it play in perpetual pissed mode but I hope you enjoy the stream if so please like our page in the days to come to keep a watch we will be attempting to stream WARFRAME and FortniteGame and we are hoping soon to be trying our Rocketleague we have to do these slowly as we pay for bandwidth each of these game are 30 to 50 gb to download and install hard to justify in any unsupported family on a budget stream like ours


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