Alt Shift is proud to announce the release of a new free demo of its story-driven and tactical rogue-lite game, Crying Suns. With this newest version

Crying Suns: A partnership with Humble Bundle and a major gameplay update to the free demo

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Alt Shift is proud to announce the release of a new free demo of its story-driven and tactical rogue-lite game, Crying Suns. With this newest version, downloadable on Crying Suns’ Steam page, players will be able to experience a major update to Crying Suns’ battle gameplay that the team has been working on for several months now.
The studio is also thrilled to announce its recent partnership with publisher Humble Bundle for the Windows and OSX release of Crying Suns, in 2019.

New battle gameplay

Following feedback from players of the demo and beta, and after a long period of thinking about the gaming experience, the team took the decision to streamline the game flow during battles, making the following changes:

  • Removed focus points,
  • Altered roles of the Heroes so that they now support different battleship functions: hull maintenance, squadrons and weapons control,
  • Tweaked functioning of critical damages,
  • Added many other additional features.

The result of this major update is a smoother, deeper and more intuitive game, playable for free on the newest version of Crying Suns’ downloadable demo.

Partnership with Humble Bundle

After a successful Kickstarter campaign and the development of a mature Beta, Alt Shift chose recently to partner with Humble Bundle for the release of Crying Suns, particularly to benefit from the publisher's expertise and advice for Windows and OSX releases. The game will still be released in 2019 and with all the stretch goals and new features promised in the Kickstarter campaign.

Gameplay live stream

See you on Monday, February 4 at noon (PST) for the Crying Suns’ demo live stream simultaneously on:

The development team will answer your questions about the game in the stream chats.
Stay tuned!

Be notified of important news and the official release:

About Crying Suns
Crying Suns is a rogue-lite and tactical game where you explore a dying galaxy as the admiral of a space fleet.

You will encounter several gameplay phases:

  • Tactical real-time fights with pause feature
  • Story events in which you choose an action with positive or negative consequences
  • Planet expeditions, in which a commando team searches for valuable battleship resources
  • Itinerary choices on detailed star maps procedurally-generated with each run

As a deep story-driven game experience, each successful run will uncover a part of the underlying truth about the fall of the Galactic Empire.


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