IKINEMA, trusted specialists in powerful real-time whole body solving animation technologies are pleased to announce today their attendance at the début

IKINEMA is set to showcase their superior real-time animation tech for game developers.

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IKINEMA, trusted specialists in powerful real-time whole body solving animation technologies are pleased to announce today their attendance at the début of Interactive Futures games conference. IKINEMA welcomes visitors on the 1st February for live demonstrations and one-to-one meetings to help studios deliver their game on time and within budget. The conference kicks off on the 31st January to 2nd February, held in Leamington Spa – coined the UK’s ‘Silicon Spa’ for its high cluster of game development studios.

IKINEMA is introducing #StyleShapes – the new “blend-shapes” for body animation! Repurpose, customize and reuse animation in RunTime and procedurally. Combine IKINEMA’s new In Game Retargeting for next level #GameDev!SHOW MORE

Attendees will learn how triple-A studios around the world harness IKINEMA RunTime to achieve convincing high fidelity character motion, empower their teams with modern workflows, and accelerate development time, to meet the demand for believable characters, greater immersion and deeper engagement by contemporary players of today. Award winning studios, the likes of Avalanche Studios, Deep Silver Dambuster Studios, Insomniac Games, NCSoft Corporation, NetEase Network, Rare, Sumo Digital, Square Enix, Tango Studios, and 343 Industries have empowered their teams with IKINEMA’s flexible animation solutions.

IKINEMA’s vision for next-gen game development: Style Shapes is the new ‘blend-shapes’ to create convincing body animation. Repurpose assets, customise and reuse animation in IKINEMA RunTime procedurally. Additionally, combine with In-game retargeting tool. 

"We’re excited to bring IKINEMA’s real-time game development technology to Interactive Futures – meeting teams face-to-face is key to understanding the unique requirements of their game styles; our advanced tech unlocks creativity and development time by equipping studios with a malleable and flexible IK system."
Victor Puente | Senior Client Partner | IKINEMA 

Game studios and creatives will have access to live IKINEMA RunTime demonstrations, the opportunity to discuss how latest tech updates, efficient techniques and tool enhancements will ensure optimised integration and performance for their projects. IKINEMA RunTime supports game engines including Unreal Engine, Unity3D, and all custom engines. Download your FREE copy of the IKINEMA RunTime Demo Package.


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