Monday live stream in Magic: The Gathering Arena Jadiri gamer on your side as we cast 20 blue and red spells, well today was another rough day

Monday live stream MTGA with Jadiri Gamer Kiddies and deck death were out in full force

Live Game streaming

Internet Issues Incomplete daily Pack challenge it was a hard day to be a gamer or a blogger

It's time for Monday live stream in Magic The Gathering Arena Kiddies and deck death Jadiri gamer on your side as we cast 20 blue and red spells, well today was another rough day with the land floods and the kiddies with there deck death cards one that doesn't really want to play or learn how.

Sorry we couldn't finish the play on top of all the above Internet issues crashed the game and the stream we never got time to get back to it, however, we did complete the spell goal and were just one win short of winning our next pack of cards.

They really need to get the Magi The Gathering Arena Kiddies and deck death under control

made some changes and tweaks to our jungle secrets deck it had some mountains that needed to be removed that were getting in the way now and then as we tried to play them.

we will be back tomorrow and hope is always for a better day or a new way through the worst days either is a winning game.


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