PENTA Sports and the Bavarian traditional club TSV München von 1860 e.V. field a joint team in League of Legends. Both clubs made the official announcement

PENTA Sports and the Bavarian traditional club TSV München von 1860 e.V. field a joint team in League of Legends. Both clubs made the official announcement today. The newly formed team will already compete in the upcoming German Championship under the banner of “PENTA 1860”, the roster has already been announced.

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In the framework of this cooperation, PENTA Sports expands into a new game. In the past, the German powerhouse celebrated several successes in League of Legends and will now return to the game together with its Munich-based partner TSV München von 1860 e.V. to compete for the crown of German League of Legends. Such ambitions are reinforced by Andreas Schaetzke, Managing Director at PENTA Sports: “We are very excited to announce the partnership with TSV München von 1860 e.V. today. Welcoming a club with such a tradition alongside PENTA elates us and we are looking forward to an exciting future with our new partner. Furthermore, and not less exciting, is our return to League of Legends! We purposely chose a big esports title instead of a sports simulation. With the brand-new team, we want and will compete for the number one position in German League of Legends and the title in the soon to start German Championship. Exciting times ahead and together with TSV München von 1860 e.V. it will be a bright future!”

PENTA Sports is a club, found in 2013 and officially launched on the 5th January 2014, which is mainly devoted to esport. Although, the club is still very young, their staff gained a huge amount of experience. This occurs due to the fact that the club is the result of a cooperation between the organizations Concordia Gaming, diamondZ e.V., KomaCrew e.V., KD-Gaming e.V. and logiX e.V..

For TSV München von 1860 e.V. this step marks the entry into electronic sports. With League of Legends the Munich-based traditional club becomes involved in one of the most successful and most important esports titles and is immediately believed to be one of the favorites in the German Championship. Sascha Königsberg, vice chairman of the board of directors, states: “Electronic sports grow rapidly and as a club, we can not and will not turn a blind eye to this future-oriented topic. In PENTA Sports we found a trustworthy partner with whom we will pave the way for our digital future and establish the new section “esports” in our beloved club TSV München von 1860 e.V.. Alongside the League of Legends professionals, we will focus on mass sports and therefore integrate the topic esports outside the professional sector. We are open to many different sports and want to offer all our fans the respective platform. We are looking forward to a bright future here at TSV München von 1860 e.V. and many success with PENTA 1860!”

PENTA Sports and Munich-Based Club Field Joint League of Legends Team

In the upcoming League of Legends German Championship PENTA 1860 will field a team consisting of well-known players. Among these players is Christos ‘Lion’ Tsiamis, who played with Origen Academy in the past. Also, the former G2 Vodafone and Giants player Miguel ‘Hero’ Fernandez Valbuena will from now on represent PENTA 1860. The new roster will be completed by Serkan ‚xKenzuke‘ Atilgan, Sandre ‚Barcode‘ Laidre and two top lane players, Benjamin ‚Novachrono‘ Micic and David ‚Consequent‘ Schreiner. Serkan ‚xKenzuke‘ Atilgan stated: With PENTA Sports and TSV München von 1860 e.V. we have two top-class partners by our side and we are very happy that we can start the new season with such great support. Our team is quite new and highly motivated and of course, we want to represent our partners properly and also show the German community that we are in the race for the top ranks!”


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