Colibrium, a family-friendly mobile game with a unique game concept gives a new twist on mindfulness and gaming. John Gillanders of Tech naturally

Mobile Game With Mindful Twist and Unique Gameplay

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Colibrium, a family-friendly mobile game with a unique game concept gives a new twist on mindfulness and gaming. John Gillanders of Technaturally Games - a small independent video game company based in New Zealand - hopes to reach video gamers who do not practice mindfulness and people who do not normally play video games.

Lose yourself in the simple art of blending and matching colors, but be warned: it is trickier than it appears! Get it now from: - free for iPhone/iPad & Android mobile phones/tablets. With original colour-mixing gameplay and multi-touch controls, Colibrium blends mindfulness and gaming into a delightful, unique experience which brings your mind into a state of flow: relaxing, engaging and fun.

Mr Gillanders says “I have always wanted to create video games and share with others the same fascination and joy I have felt ever since I was a little boy, playing games with my family on our Commodore 64, and I wanted to make sure I made something unique when so many games just copy a standard formula. The gameplay of blending and matching colours by balancing different amounts of coloured objects is entirely unique. I liked the idea because even though it is simple, no one else has used blending colours in a game in that way before". 
Colibrium, the first game released by Technaturally Games, uses human psychology to draw the player’s mind into a state called ‘flow’, which is highly focused, present, engaging and rewarding.

The mental state of ‘flow' is recognised as being the state of mind of top-performing athletes, also known as being ‘in the zone’, and was first described by Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi in his work on psychology in the 1970s. 

Mr Gillanders drew on this knowledge in designing Colibrium so that the game’s difficulty automatically adjusts to suit the skill level of the player, making it easier for a broad range of people to achieve a ‘flow’ state when playing.

“The game helps you become present - the cornerstone of mindfulness - and guides you towards the mental state of ‘flow’ by adapting to how you play.”

Colibrium can be downloaded free for iPhone/iPad from the App Store and for Android phones and tablets from the Play Store, or from

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