Ronimo Games have announced that their sidescrolling action strategy game Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon will be released for Nintendo Switch™

Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon: March 1 on Nintendo SwitchTM!

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 Ronimo Games have announced that their sidescrolling action strategy game Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon will be released for Nintendo Switch™ on March 1st! It will be available for pre-purchase from February 15th, with a special discount. 

If you can’t wait, don’t worry! Prepare for the Shawarmageddon with the classic Swords & Soldiers, which has been released on the Nintendo Switch™ today – watch the release trailer:

Are you hungry to fight with Vikings, Persians and
Demons for the shawarma of a lifetime? Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon is out now on PC and PlayStation 4!

This side-scrolling strategy game features a 10 hour campaign following Viking chief Redbeard on a quest to recover his stolen sheep, or battle it out in local and online multiplayer – you can even build your own custom army with units from any of the three factions!

Get Swords & Soldiers now for €7.49  €4.94 with the 34% launch discount in the Nintendo eShop! 

Shawarmageddon on Nintendo Switch™! 
Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon is a strategic multiplayer lane defense game where Vikings face off against Persian and Demon armies in ferocious tug of war battles. Push the enemies back and smash their base with a legion of distinct units, spells and structures. Swords and Soldiers 2 was exclusively released for Wii U™ to a positive reception, before coming in an enhanced form to PC and PlayStation®4 in 2018… and to Nintendo Switch™ on March 1 this year! 

For the true Nintendo™ fans, we will be making it available for pre-purchase from February 15th until launch day, with a nice pre-purchase discount! 

Swords, Soldiers and Shawarmageddon? 
Each faction has access to a distinct roster of troops, magical spells and structures, with over 50 units to choose from. From Viking axe-throwers and carpet-riding Persians to skeleton-summoning crypts and polymorphic spells that turn your units into harmless sheep, the variety is extensive! Play with all of these in the 10 hour single-player campaign which follows Viking chief Redbeard as he journeys through tundras, forests, deserts and even the pits of the netherworld itself to prevent the imminent Shawarmageddon!  

After honing their skills in the campaign, players can fight their friends or other warlords around the world in online multiplayer or split-screen mode. That’s right, split-screen on a single Nintendo Switch™ system! Pick one of the three armies or build a new one with the Custom Army mode, which allows you to mix and match units from any of the factions to create a crazy composition! Players can even test strategies in skirmishes against the AI while waiting to be matched with an online opponent – when an opponent is found, the skirmish game will be paused while the battle is played out. Once the online match has concluded, you’ll be returned to where you left off! There are also numerous mini-games to enjoy while queuing. 

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