Parrot 4.5 2019 now, and computers that are not capable of running 64bit and complex applications operating system are mostly old, legacy computers.

Parrot 4.5 release

Linux Distribution

Parrot 4.5  2019 now, and computers that are not capable of running 64bit and complex applications operating system are mostly old, legacy computers. To add to that, many programs and frameworks are no longer available for 32bit x86 systems.

We have released 32bit (i386 Architecture) images since the beginning of the project, and we worked hard to provide fresh binary updates for the i386 architecture for a long time; However, 32bit-only computers are no longer capable of running a full pentest campaign or providing hardware-accelerated support to our security protection systems.

Parrot 4.5 no longer provides any live ISO files for the i386 architecture, even if it is still supported by our repository and our netinstall images. We are slowly planning to drop support for it in the future.

NOTE: 32bit deprecation does not affect our ARM support, and armhf architecture is still fully supported.


It is pre-installed in Parrot 4.5 and provides the following tools:

  • vscodium - an advanced and extensible text editor.
  • zeal - an offline documentation downloader and browser.
  • git-cola - a graphic client to GIT.
  • meld - a graphic patch inspector.
  • tora - a graphic database frontend compatible with several database backends.

These packages are included in the metapackage by using the “Recommends” apt directive, and they can be removed individually without triggering the removal of the whole parrot-devel metapackage.

The metapackage also recommends the installation of parrot-devel-tools.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install parrot-devel


It is recommended by parrot-devel and pre-installed in Parrot Security. It provides some useful compilers and interpreters for the most used languages and provides the following packages:

  • GCC/G++ - a compiler collection for C, C++ and other languages.
  • python3 - the cpython interpreter for the python 3.6 and 3.7 language.
  • ruby - the official ruby lang interpreter and basic toolkit (includes irb and ri as well).

The package also recommends the following packages, that can be safely removed without triggering the removal of the entire parrot-devel-tools metapackage:

  • default-jdk - the latest Java OpenJDK distribution for Java 11 (both JDK and JRE).
  • cython3 - a compiler for the cython language, a strongly-typed dialect of python for efficient code.
  • rust/cargo - the rust compiler and devel tools and its package management system.
  • valac - the vala c compiler.
  • mono-devel - the development tools for the MONO framework, an open source implementation of .net.
  • mono-runtime - the runtime of the MONO framework compatible and interoperable with the latest .net runtime.
  • php-cli - the PHP 7.3 language plus its command line interface and some useful core libraries.
  • perl6 - the PERL 6 interpreter and core libraries.sudo apt update sudo apt install parrot-devel-tools

Download (SHA512, signaturepkglist): Parrot-security-4.5_amd64.iso (3,793MB, torrent), Parrot-home-4.5_amd64.iso


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