Jadiri Gamer with Sunday Live Stream in Magic: The Gathering Arena Today blue and red spell wow today was a great day we got off to slow start

Jadiri Gamer with Sunday Live Stream snag us another pack of Ravnica Allegiance

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Jadiri Gamer with Sunday Live Stream in Magic: The Gathering Arena Today blue and red spell wow today was a great day we got off to slow start on winning matches but we made hasty work of the 30 blue and red spells yes we did

.It was all a good thing we ended up with more than 5 wins and another deck of Ravnica Allegiance we didn't quite move up in rank again however we may be playing later on if I can find the time tweaking testing deck and pushing for that move up in rank.

these new releases are not necessarily for building complete decks the trick is finding the grouping of cards they will work best with as I look at the cards I so far have it was not meant to be big and powerful but to assist in building a persistent deck. that's just my take though I have indeed seen other show decks that could be put together.

hope you Enjoyed the stream if so pass the word on Like and or follow the page visit the site. Thanks from Richard Dambrosi (Jadiri Gamer )


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