Endless OS 3.5.4 Linux Distro update was released for existing users on Thursday 10th January, 2019. Images for new installations

Endless OS 3.5.4 Linux Distro update

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Endless OS 3.5.4 Linux Distro update was released for existing users on Thursday 10th January, 2019. Images for new installations are available on our website48.

Parental Controls

Endless OS 3.5.4 Linux Distro update was released for existing users on Thursday 10th January, 2019. Images for new installations

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Endless OS 3.5.4 Linux Distrovution Release

Chairman clients may now control which applications can be introduced or propelled by standard clients on a similar PC. The accompanying controls are accessible:

Confining the applications appeared in the application fixate dependent on their substance rating. For instance, if the alternative is set to indicate applications reasonable for age 3, fierce computer games won't be obvious in the application focus. The correct age limitations accessible depend on the neighborhood content rating principles in your nation.

Disallowing putting in new applications completely.

Limiting access to certain applications which are now introduced on the framework. For instance, a parent might need to have the Transmission BitTorrent customer introduced for their very own utilization, yet not enable their youngster to utilize it.

In this underlying variant of the element, it is unimaginable to expect to limit access to worked in applications, including the internet browser, record director, content manager and video player. We hope to empower this in a future form of Endless OS.

Refreshed equipment bolster

Various equipment explicit issues have been settled.


This arrival of Endless OS frames the premise of the most recent rendition of Hack11, the regular workstation that causes kids figure out how to code, which is currently accessible for preorder on Amazon in the US11.

While creating highlights selective to the Hack workstation, numerous minor issues in the standard Endless OS work area have been settled.

Different Improvements and Changes

Quickened media playback. On numerous Intel stages, Endless would now be able to make utilization of equipment quickened video translating in applications other than the internet browser, whenever bolstered by the PC, and if the important expansion is introduced from Flathub. We intend to stretch out this help to the Endless rendition of Chromium in a future discharge.

Refreshed Chromium. We've refreshed to Chromium 71.0.3578.98 to convey the most recent security fixes to Endless' worked in internet browser.

Known Issues

Parental controls harsh edges. There are various minor known issues in this underlying adaptation of the parental controls include. For instance, in the Settings board, LibreOffice is demonstrated on various occasions in the rundown of applications, and the application list is somewhat little.


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