Where’s Baby Growth Spurt!

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The community keeps talking, so Well Bred Rhino keeps building!  Where’s Baby, the local multiplayer game where you play as a baby critter and wreck EVERYTHING, has just received another round of updates!

Based on feedback from users, two new destructive critters have been introduced, the Frankenbaby (“Fred”) and Tiny Witch (“Li’l Sparkle Pants”).  If you have ever doubted the power of player-driven development, JUST LOOK AT THOSE AMAZING NAMES.

Well Bred Rhino has also squeezed in a few new power ups, like the terrifying clown makeup that sends the baby running for cover.  And if you are interested in joining in on this insane adventure, now is the perfect time to jump on board and get involved!  The most recent update includes two versions of the in-progress street level, letting users help decide which of the designs feels right!

“Normally we make our games in a hidden underground bunker, unseen by human eyes for years at a time, but Early Access has given us a way to talk directly with the people who play our game!” said Ben Cook, lead developer on Where’s Baby.  “Instead of a small handful of subterranean mole people play testing, now we can share our ideas with REAL humans and let them pick which version of Main Street is the most fun to destroy!” 
Where’s Baby was a winner of the PixelPop Select award at the 2018 PixelPop Festival and is available now on Steam Early Access.  Jump in, battle some AI babysitters, and wreck some antiques!  Or grab a friend and a spare controller (or both of you huddle around a keyboard!), and go head to head!  GO BREAK SOMETHING!

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