Radiangames, the independent developer of hit mobile games such as Super Crossfighter and Inferno 2, today announced the upcoming release of 3 titles

Three Radiangames Titles Coming To Android This Month

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 Radiangames, the independent developer of hit mobile games such as Super Crossfighter and Inferno 2, today announced the upcoming release of 3 titles on the Google Play Store.  Pivotol, a block matching game with a twist, will release January 16th.  Devastator, an intense arcade twin-stick shooter, launches January 23rd.  And Slydris 2, the critically-acclaimed line-clearing block puzzle game, launches January 30th.

Pivotol released on iOS in October 2018, and was named Touch Arcade's Game of the Week.  Pivotol is a block matching game where you rotate any four adjacent blocks around a pivot.  If you connect 6 or more blocks of the same color, those blocks are destroyed.  Though the game is easy to pick up and play, the unique mechanics lead to a unique flow and strategy to the gameplay.  Like the iOS version, Pivotol on Google Play will be free to download, and the player is never forced to watch an ad or purchase to enjoy the game (there are optional IAP and rewarded ads).

Devastator released on iOS in September 2015, but was rebalanced in 2017 to reduce the difficulty and make the game less punishing.  Devastator is an arcade-style twin-stick shooter with 50 unique waves, multiple powerups, and spectacular stylized visuals and sound.  It also features bluetooth gamepad support.  Devastator will be a paid game on Google Play with a price of $1.99.

Slydris 2 released on iPhone and iPad in November 2018, and received multiple positive reviews from press, with PocketGamer giving the game 4.5 out of 5 stars, and Stuff.tv giving it 5 out of 5 stars.  It was also featured as Apple's Game of the Day on January 6th (in the US AppStore).  Slydris 2 obviously takes some influence from a well-known classic puzzle game, but the differences in control and rules are what makes the game stand out.  The most important differences are that any block on the screen can be slid left or right, and that multiple blocks fall at once.  Add in a few other special rules and blocks, and Slydris 2 stands on its own as an instant classic. 

Slydris 2 will release on the Google Play store on January 30th, while its price is still to be determined.  The choice on whether to make the game free or paid will be determined by player feedback and response to Pivotol and Devastator (the iOS version is free, for reference).  The final decision on its price will be made on Monday, January 28th, with a blog post on Radiangames' blog announcing the decision and the reasoning behind the choice.

On a related note, Radiangames' Luke Schneider will also be presenting at GDC on March 19th.  In this presentation, Luke will be reviewing in detail the sales data from all of Radiangames' mobile releases up to this point, with a focus on how Free vs. Paid games have performed and what has worked (or not) in terms of generating awareness, downloads, and revenue as a solo independent developer.


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