Sunday Live stream with Jadiri Gamer #MTGA Come on along Today's Goal attack 30 Creatures, well i thought it was going to be a rough day

Sunday Live stream with Jadiri Gamer #MTGA

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Hey It’s Sunday Live stream with Jadiri Gamer #MTGA Come on along Today’s Goal attack 30 Creatures, well i thought it was going to be a rough day when I Ended up matched with one of the large decks one of the small ones but I got the jump on it and won that match quick and I saw no more big decks till the end I finished the goal got more card and I ranked up that’s a good day.s play.

there are a lot of people on the forums now all complaining about shuffle issues and land floods the list of complaints goes and as I see it from my study it more related to some exploit having to do with larger deck players build i am sure you have seen them they are tower tall have 300 card and up these seems to trigger land or creature flood that move them up the ranks like a bullet as no one can play against the defense or offense they are flooded with all land or all creature making it impossible to do much but sit and wait to be killed or conceded .

a Tip from Richard Dambrosi (Jadiri Gamer) this Sunday his is my observation over the last months and the situation has gotten worse since the new rank system has been in place a few things I have noticed one is these big decks don’t carry much blocking or firepower they are made up of instants and other types of spells and creature killing card and what not if you can get a 2 or 5 early hit advantage they conceded pretty fast, Build a deck that is creature heavy and when you notice a game you play flooded take out that deck for you next hands to try and counter the effects .and Enjoy your game.

this game is all 55% experiment

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