La Tale's new class update, Dark Chaser, started in December of 2018 as a promotion for new and returning players. Notably, the new story

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La Tale’s new class update, Dark Chaser, started in December of 2018 as a promotion for new and returning players. Notably, the new story is set up with a debut of the new class, adding more interest for audiences by changing the existing routines in the game.

Dark Chaser is the name of the final advancement form of the new class. The class name changes depending on character advancements, as it will start off as a Fencer. It goes from Fencer – Closer – Sword Master – Dark Chaser. As the name indicates, this new class makes use of unique swordsmanship called Karion Fencing. It can also acquire a new Chain Skill, exclusive to the Fencer class, by using unique energy called Chainblade.
Lastly, players will gain interesting experience in their journey with many new weapons, new dungeons, and over 100 new quests.
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