American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) announces that it has signed an agreement with Cutting Edge Beverages to be the Company’s distribution

American Premium Water Corp. (HIPH) Announces Agreement with Cutting Edge Beverage Giving Company Wide Distribution Coverage in Northeast


American Premium Water Corporation (OTC: HIPH) announces that it has signed an agreement with Cutting Edge Beverages to be the Company’s distribution agent in the Northeast. Cutting Edge Beverages has relationships with large grocery chains, natural health stores, convenience stores, and independent retailers.   

American Premium CEO and Interim Chairman Ryan Fishoff, commented, “I am happy to announce that we have brought on Cutting Edge Beverage to lead our efforts to expand our retail footprint in the Northeast. With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, the ‘gloves have come off’. All retailers are looking to get CBD products on their shelves and we are working feverishly to fill the demand. Cutting Edge will connect us with the retailers that will provide the Company that ability to expand its footprint while increasing brand awareness. Having over 30-plus years of experience in the beverage industry, and a successful track record generating exponential growth for other brands, I am excited to have Cutting Edge bring their book of business to the CBD category and help us with our goal to make LALPINA CBD a market leader in the category.”

With distribution being one of the Company’s primary goals in 2019, as outlined in Mr. Fishoff’ letter to shareholders, the Company has added two new commercial outlets that will be selling LALPINA CBD beverage. MojoVape, ( an online retailer focused on vape pens will begin selling the product in January. LALPINA CBD will be its first non-vape product. Additionally, the Company began selling LALPINA CBD product in its first upscale car wash in Miami Beach, FL ( This is the first of many planned launches in the coming months for the Company.

“The Company is focusing on adding distribution where it can derive a strategic advantage. In many cases these will be in channels that currently do not have even beverage distribution, but it will allow for the product to get in front of a customer who would fit the demographic target. Mojo Vape is a great addition for us. I am honored that they chose us to be their first beverage product. CBD products, especially beverages are complimentary to vapes and I think it will beneficial for both parties. Sobe Finest is another non-traditional account that I believe will be successful for the Company and a template for future expansion in this untapped sector. High end car washes attract customers with disposable income. I am excited to see both these channels develop along with the rest of our distribution strategy that I presented last year targeting four primary markets within the broader focus of the strategy that I outlined to shareholders last week. I am quite confident that focusing on these markets and getting penetration into multiple channels will yield measurable and sustained results for the Company, creating shareholder value and increasing top-line revenue heading into 2019,” concluded Mr. Fishoff.

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