Could the Next Green Wave in stock be Next Green Wave

Next Green Wave (NXGWF) (NGW) is a cannabis maker based out of California. The organization saw its stock shoot up by as much as half amid the third day of the new year. These sorts of additions may appear to be exceptional in some other market, yet for cannabis, it is very typical to see development along these lines.

With as much as 60,000 square feet of develop space at present in progress and a lot of creation in transit, it appears just as Next Green Wave is attempting to lead the charge for a future loaded up with cannabis.


  • 100% land + asset ownership
  • Fully Licensed for Seed-to-Consumer: Cultivation, Nursery, Extraction and Distribution
  • Two indoor operations totalling 85,000 square feet with plans to increase production facility capacity to 350,000 square feet.


  • Award-winning seeds and plants under the acclaimed brand, Loud Seeds.
  • 20+ years of hands-on industry experience and understanding of requirements for creating a premium product.


  • Internationally experienced management team with a focus on consumer-centric solutions and insights
  • Led by six-time Cannabis Cup High Times award winner, Mike Jennings
  • 45% management owned
  • Strong industry partnerships to support¬†Seed-to-Consumer¬†distribution

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