Happy Steam Early Access Month from all of us at QC Games! If you missed the earlier announcement, we are planning to begin Steam Early Access


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Happy Steam Early Access Month from all of us at QC Games! If you missed the earlier announcement, we are planning to begin Steam Early Access sometime later this month, but for right now, it’s time to get to our next Alpha test.

If you somehow don’t already have a key, our friends at Alienware Arena are giving away enough keys to make a high-school janitor feel inadequate. This giveaway will run through the duration of our Alpha, so tell your friends, share it on Twitter, and get folks in that you want to play with to try out Breach.

Now that you have a key, let’s talk about this next Alpha Test, and here’s a countdown timer for when servers will open.

  • Servers Open: Friday, Jan 4th at 12 PM Central
  • Servers Close: Sunday, Jan 6th at 11 PM Central

That’s right, we’re bringing back the 59-hour testing periodbecause last week’s test was a huge success for us. We hit a record number of players, and were able to ensure that our backend can scale properly. We thank each of you that played, and have been looking forward to this next test. In addition, don’t forget that if you play during any Alpha moving forward (include our previous stress test), you’ll earn the exclusive Alpha Outfit once we enter Steam Early Access. There’s also that Level 100 outfit waiting to be claimed by those that can make it. Here’s a level 100 tip: Make sure you’re leveling up multiple classes, and not just a single class. Horizontal progression is a thing!

We hope all of you join us for this next test, so here’s some additional bullet points of changes:

Updates & Fixes:

Known Issues:

  • If a player receives a “Not Authorized” message upon launching Breach, this is due to a permission issue with Steam. To correct this, please disable running Steam as an Admin. You can read how to do that via this article.
  • Custom controller bindings may not persist in Options.
  • Players may get caught in a longer load screen than expected when starting a match, and can hear a match starting in the background. This cannot be fixed by reconnecting, but the player will eventually connect within a few minutes.
  • We’ve observed an issue where if a player goes into the “Try Now” room for a Veil Demon and uses the “Despawn All Player Classes” while in possession, the client will crash.
  • The Veil Demon can sometimes experience a crash after all players lock in their classes on the selection screen. Luckily, relaunching the game will get the VD player back into the game.
  • The Veil Demon model can sometimes appear to throw itself out of the world upon possession. 
  • The Veil Demon can sometimes lose all collision after reconnecting to a game.
  • Bonus AoE Damage gems may not work with all abilities.
  • If two parties of 2 or 3 players attempt to matchmake together, their queue times will likely be above normal timing.
  • A Dark Mage Bot may appear in the Safehouse. Seriously, take a selfie with him and tag PlayBreach on Twitter/Instagram if you do.
  • Controller support has been adjusted, but the “F” command may still be shown for “Interact” – Please use “D-Pad Right” by default if you see “F”.
  • There is no scrollbar in the Social Menu (“O”).
  • Some Crowd Control (CC) abilities are not tracking “CC Duration” score properly – resulting in numbers that are lower than your actual score via “TAB”. This includes class such as Chronomancer and Dark Artificer.


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