PENTA Sports announces a new partnership. The traditional German club will work together with the US film studio 20th Century Fox. Both companies

PENTA Sports is the new partner of 20th Century Fox in Esport


First engagement of the media giant in esport with traditional German brand

PENTA Sports announces a new partnership. The traditional German club will work together with the US film studio 20th Century Fox. Both companies today officially confirmed this unique partnership in the electronic sports (Esport) partnership.

The cooperation is intended to bring together gamers and movie fans. For this, PENTA will support upcoming blockbusters such as Alita Battle Angel or X-Men for the 20th Century Fox and place them in the community, a natural fit of interests. From now on, world-class entertainment will also play a major role in the PENTA Sports performance center. It will create its own theme world and merge Esport with Fox films on 450 m2.

Hendrik Goetzendorff, Managing Director at PENTA Sports , commented: "Today marks a new, unique milestone in the history of PENTA Sports and Esport. With 20th Century Fox, we can welcome one of the largest media companies in the world by our side! Together we will be breaking new ground in esport and revitalizing the power of content for our fans and partners. I would like to express my gratitude to Markus Schneider, Volker Lauster and, of course, Vincent De La Tour, because the confidence of a major studio in Esport and the work of PENTA Sports is not self-evident. So curtain up and film off! "

For 20th Century Fox, this partnership is an important step towards reaching the electronic sports community. With PENTA Sports, the long-established company cooperates with a strong German brand with an intense commitment to the fans, such as Volker Lauster, Marketing Director at 20th Century Fox of Germany, explains: "Esport is an interesting touchpoint for us and we are glad that we are cooperating with a partner like PENTA Sports. Storytelling is essential in the film industry, and we will bring this storytelling to Esport in the future. It was very important to us to work together with a trustworthy partner who has a strong bond with his fans. We look forward to the shared future of 20th Century Fox and PENTA Sports in the world of esports. "

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