With CES 2019 in Las Vegas just a few days away, TCL Communication is once again preparing to showcase the company's portfolio of mobile and internet devices

TCL Communication prepares new Alcatel smartphones, BlackBerry Mobile updates and new smartphone display experiences for CES® 2019

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With CES 2019 in Las Vegas just a few days away, TCL Communication is once again preparing to showcase the company's portfolio of mobile and internet devices, in addition to debuting new technologies. As part of TCL's presence at CES, the company will be showing the latest Alcatel smartphones and internet products, as well as debuting the first of its 2019 Alcatel Series smartphones that will include the TCL-made Alcatel Full View Display. The company will also have its full lineup of BlackBerry smartphones, including the BlackBerry KEY2 and KEY2 LE, and will be sharing the latest carrier availability for these devices in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world.

Also at CES, TCL will debut for the first time in the world a demonstration of the company's latest smartphone display technologies, including its edge-to-edge and dot displays. This technology is made possible through TCL Communication's sister company, CSOT, which also develops the award-winning display panels for TCL televisions. CSOT is one of the worldwide leaders in LCD panels as well as LTPS, AMOLED and advanced display technologies such as flexible displays. TCL Communication's close supply chain collaboration with CSOT ensures timely support and prioritized utility of the latest display technologies.

"At TCL Communication, we continue to push the evolution of our mobile and internet products, and while our Alcatel and BlackBerry devices at CES will show what we can deliver today, it's what we are debuting in our new display technology that proves what we will deliver in the future," said Peter Lee, General Manager of Global Sales and Marketing at TCL Communication. "As one of the leading panel manufacturers in the world, TCL has a legacy of making great display technology accessible to customers around the globe. Last year, we showed that we could bring this technology to our mobile devices with our Alcatel Full View Displays, and with our new display demos at CES this year, we're showing the kind of TCL technology our customers can expect from our smartphones and other devices in the future."

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