A new release is available, the second in a row, the distribution of Septor Linux 2019. As is well known, the main feature of this operating system

LINUX Distribution Septor Linux 2019 is available

Linux Distribution

A new release is available, the second in a row, the distribution of Septor Linux 2019. As is well known, the main feature of this operating system is  the traffic on the Tor network , which at the present time is considered one of the safest ways of communication on the Internet. For insufficiently addressed, it is a system for routing traffic through a number of mediators that are determined and changed randomly within the projected time interval. When you connect to the Tor network, there are many networking nodes from all parts of our planet that will serve you for receiving, transmitting and shipping user data.

Debian (Buster) was used as the basis for the education of the operating system in its still development version, with a KDE graphical environment. Distribution can be used via live mode, with the help of USB media or installed classically on a hard drive. In accordance with the project task, for the preinstalled software, applications that we thought were adequate for distribution of this type were selected. A couple of applications got a replacement, so now the complete list of programs looks like this:

  • Dolphin and KFind to manage and search for files
  • Synaptic and Gdebi for managing and installing software
  • Graphics / Multimedia: GIMP, Gwenview. VLC, K3b, Guvcview
  • Office: LibreOffice, Kontact, KOrganizer, Okular, Kwrite, Kate
  • Internet: Tor Browser , Thunderbird, Ricochet IM, HexChat, QuiteRSS, OnionShare
  • Tools: Gufw, Konsole, Ark, Sweeper, KGpg, Kleopatra, MAT, KWallet, VeraCrypt, Rosa Image Writer, Bootiso

For root (root) access to files, an icon is available in the menu. At the first launch, the Ricochet IM client will ask whether the user wants to connect via the Tor network. HexChat and QuiteRSS are set by default on the Tor network, and users can modify this by setting these applications in Network. If you are a newcomer to Linux, the installation process is simple and takes about 10 minutes, and  here  you can read how to prepare the installation media. The graphical interface of the installation process is by default set to English, which can be changed already at the first step. Septor-2019-amd64.iso




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LINUX Distribution Septor Linux 2019 is available 1

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