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Buzzzl’s Unique and Challenging New Match 3 Mobile Game Arrived this Holiday on Google Play and Amazon.  

The holidays are about to get even funnier, as Buzzzl reveals its enjoyable new puzzle adventure, Save Our Skwiish. Buzzzl is bringing the match 3 experience to a whole new level with different game modes: Solo and Multi modes for everyone’s joy! Featuring a mesmerizing storyline, challenging puzzles, loveable characters and a catchy gameplay; Save Our Skwiish is convinced to be a real blast for match 3 and casual mobile gamers. Buzzzl wants to change the way players interact with other players while playing match 3. The multi-mode offers the pleasure to interact directly in your competitor’s puzzle!

 ʻʻWe understand that a great journey should be shared with family and friends. We are about to give you this new way to match 3! Instead of competing with only their friend’s scores, the player will actually play live against a friend. Our multi-mode is the perfect place to outplay a friend and play with his mindʼʼ said Magda Lacroix, Co-Founder and CEO, Buzzzl.

In Save Our Skwiish, the players help the Skwiish species, a cute and adorable monster, to fight against the N-Rgark evils. Komotion and Phenomena, the spectre species has been very bad and nasty toward the cute little Skwiish. They need to capture all the Skwiishies to be able to stay in the daylight. If the N-Rgark can’t keep the Skwiishies captured, they will remain in the darkness for ever! Fortunately, the player comes to the rescue by catching the keys and helps the Skwiish to release the adorable babies.
Save Our Skwiish revolve around magic and energy force; players will have to be strategic to attack the enemies. There will be rewards for those who put up the effort to Save Our Skwiish!

Save Our Skwiish is available on Google Play and Amazon Appsstore  this holiday as a free to play experience with optional in-app purchases.

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