OviOS Linux 3 is a specialized Linux distribution aimed at creating the fastest and easiest Linux unified storage server. It requires no knowledge

Linux Distribution OviOS Linux 3 Release

Linux Distribution

OviOS Linux 3 comes with a few package upgrades, bug fixes and new features.

Linux kernel: 4.9.144-OVIOS
NFS Utils: 2.3.3
Samba Server: 4.9.3
Glibc: 2.28
GCC: 8.2.0
iSCSI Target: 1.0.74
ZFS on Linux: 0.7.12
ovios-shell 3.00

OviOS Linux 3

smbjoindc is now smbovios and has new features, to join, get info and leave a Domain Controller.
Usage: smbovios --info | --join | --unjoin
New option: exclude.pools
This allows the administrator to specify one or more storage pools that will not be started / stopped by ovios (HA cluster included). This is useful for the docker image where an admin can decide to manage some pools outside of the ovios environment, and use ovios for some pools.

nfs_export and smb_export have been enhanced to provide better logging in ovilogs.
Documentation has been improved
HA cluster hardenned. Use the HA Cluster guide from the documentation page.
Nfs_export and smb_export as well as the os shell can now handle paths that were enterred with the incorrect leading slash

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