Fandomfare Gaming Monday lunchtime live stream new years eve addition let get it started, well it was a wild day in the #MTGArena we had a few bad plays

Monday lunchtime live stream

Fandomfare Gaming Monday lunchtime live stream with Jadiri Gamer new years eve addition let get it started, well it was a wild day in the #MTGArena we had a few bad plays

Is Magic: The Gathering going to take over card game esports in 2019?

Hearthstone has been the king of card game esports for a while now, although it’s never really had much competition, save for a few threats in Gwent, The Elder Scrolls: Legend and Valve’s MOBA-style take, Artifact. In 2019, Blizzard will be looking over its shoulder at yet another card game battler, only this one really has the legacy to take its crown.Magic: The Gathering has been around for 25 years, and is still the most popular tabletop collectible card game out there. It even has a digital offering, Magic: The Gathering Online, although not many people who use it would tout its UI as a selling point. Even with recent improvements, it still looks about as good as you’d expect a piece of MTG software first released in 2002 to look.


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The 2019 Tabletop Magic Mythic Championship I, our first Mythic Series event of 2019, takes place February 22–24 as part of MagicFest Cleveland.

Mythic Championship Cleveland will feature sixteen rounds of Swiss on Friday and Saturday, with three rounds of Ravnica Allegiance Booster Draft followed by five rounds of Standard Constructed each of those days. After sixteen rounds, the event will cut to the Top 8 players, who will return Sunday to compete in single-elimination Standard Constructed using the same decks as they registered for Friday and Saturday.


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