Slackel 7.1 Openbox Release the Linux kernel 4.19.12 and latest updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree.

Linux Distrobution Slackel 7.1 Openbox Release

Linux Distribution

Slackel 7.1 Openbox Release the Linux kernel 4.19.12 and latest updates from Slackware's 'Current' tree.

The new version is available in 64-bit builds only.

The 64-bit iso image support booting on UEFI systems. 
Iso image is isohybrid 
Iso image can be used as installation media.

adwaita-icon-theme and mate-icon-theme-faenza are used now, giving a nice looking desktop.

Live iso
Full multimedia support without having to install multimedia codecs while on live environment. Of course it is suggested to install multimedia codecs to your system after installation. 
1. Persistent file encryption has been added after installation on USB.
2. medialabel="USB_LABEL_NAME" parameter added. 
Users who use a different program to create the live USB and this name the usb label differently than the default which is "LIVE" and/or also want to have many distributions on usb, can pass the parameter medialabel="YOUR_USB_LABEL_NAME". In this case slackel will be found and can boot.

Abbut Slackel 7.1 Openbox

SoSlackware users can benefit fromSlackel repositories. It is available in three editions, KDE, Openbox and Fluxbox.Slackel disc images are offered in two different forms, Installation disc image and Live disc imageSlackel is developed in Greece by Dimitris Tzemos.



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Linux Distrobution Slackel 7.1 Openbox Release 5

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