KaOS 2018.12 December release of a new stable ISO. Two years after initially starting the move to OpenSSL 1.1has this update now been possible.

KaOS 2018.12 December release

Linux Distribution

KaOS 2018.12 December release

KaOS 2018.12 December release of a new stable ISO. Two years after initially starting the move to OpenSSL 1.1has this update now been possible. All downstream libraries and applications have caught up, so the move was now smooth, without the need to have a mix of OpenSSL versions in the repositories. This move required a very large rebuild, combine that with a move to Perl 5.28.1, FFMPEG 4.1, LLVM/Clang 7.0.1 and Qt 5.12.0, it is clear a new ISO is needed.

The artwork saw an update to the Midna SDDM theme, gone are the QML sliding effects, instead a cleaner and simpler layout with the addition of several warnings when num lock or capslock are activated.

The Online Package Viewer has undergone a complete rewrite, the backend is now a very modern GO-based API, with json files getting the needed output, thus all loads much faster. This include the mirror status page.

As always with this rolling distribution, you will find the very latest packages for the Plasma Desktop, this includes Frameworks 5.53.0, Plasma 5.14.4 and KDE Applications 18.12.0. All built on Qt 5.12.0.

KaOS’ creation Croeso (Welsh for welcome) for helping with configuring a new install is included. It will run on the newly installed system and offers to adjust some 15 commonly used settings and replaces the formerly used, PyQt based first run wizard Kaptan. It also includes a custom Wallpaper selector, distribution info, and news. It is written in QML and fits well with the Welcome application used in the Live system. The latter now includes a fully rewritten (also in QML) Installation Guide.

The artwork includes custom icon themes for light and dark themes. Midna and Midna Dark both create a complete unified look from boot-up all the way through logout. There was a complete redesign of the Midna theme for 2018. Some 2500 new icons in use, rewritten sddm login theme and a KaOS community selected new wallpaper (created by Jomada).

There is an option to verify the authenticity of downloaded KaOS ISO files through GPG signature verification, see the Download page for further details and instructions.

Download (SHA256)KaOS-2018.12-x86_64.iso

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