Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Saturday nite live stream Last Saturday of 2018

Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Saturday nite live game stream Last Saturday of 2018

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Fandomfare Gaming MTGA Saturday nite live stream Last Saturday of 2018


Saturday nite live stream – The closing of an old year with the dawning of a new one brings change. Here at Grand Prix Vancouver 2018, on the cusp of 2019, is no different. First, the Limited Ultimate Masters format is a new and exciting. Older cards are thrust into fresh light, making innovative archetypes and ideas that these little cards would never have contemplated years ago – Olivia’s Dragoons are a bit shortsighted, all told. But the change is less new than it first appears. We know the cards, we know the stakes – everything else is just learning, evolving and growing – something we’re used to as Magic players.

But there are bigger changes in Magic on the horizon for 2019. The term “Grand Prix” will be different; the qualifications will be different. Things we’ve come to know and love will be different. At first, sunsetting systems is both exciting and disorienting. We’ve set up our lives, hobbies, and behaviors around things we know, and shifts can be jarring.

But the more you see the changes, the more exciting they become. And the more familiar they are. These weekend celebrations of love are the exact same they’ve always been, and likely will be even better! And just like the incoming changes with the shift in calendar year, the shifting in Magic year is also cause for celebration. Old acquaintance won’t be forgot.

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