ESL Pro League CS: GO The world's longest-running proficient CS:GO group will return on April 12, 2019, for Season 9 with more groups and a fresh out of the plastic

Esports News: ESL Pro League CS:GO revamps format


ESL Pro League CS:GO

ESL Pro League CS:GO The world's longest-running proficient CS:GO group will return on April 12, 2019, for Season 9 with more groups and a fresh out of the plastic new configuration that replaces online play with studio matches for the EU and AM districts. The progressions will likewise require less time responsibility from the groups and players to venture out the oversaturation in CS:GO.

Together with the WESA groups, we've made a team that has concocted another equation intended to guarantee that the ESL Pro League keeps on being the hardest rivalry in CS:GO for a considerable length of time to come while in the meantime enhancing the circumstance for groups and players.

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Beginning in 2019, the customary season will be played in three separate districts: Europe, Americas and Asia-Pacific. Every one of them will be partitioned into four gatherings of fours groups with seeding dependent on the ESL World Ranking. The move to an arrangement of littler gatherings encourages us to make each match all the more energizing and progressively applicable towards the season finals, requiring all groups to satisfy their maximum capacity in each round of the season.

While APAC matches will stay on the web, EU amusements will be facilitated disconnected at the ESL studio in the United Kingdom and the AM district in the United States. Playing all season matches disconnected on LAN enables us to give the most focused condition conceivable to every partaking group. With those changes, we endeavor to make ESL Pro League the hardest rivalry in CS:GO.


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ESL, formerly known as Electronic Sports League, is an esports organizer and production company that produces video game competitions worldwide. ESL is the world's largest esports company, and the oldest that is still operational. 


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