The PlayStation Classic, Sony’s first entry into the retro console market currently dominated by the NES and SNES Classic, has had a rough


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SONY PLAYSTATION CLASSIC first entry into the retro console market currently dominated by the NES and SNES Classic, has had a rough month. It’s already been discounted 40 percent from its initial launch price of $99.99

So, what are the reasons for this poor reception? Why has the PlayStation Classic price declined so suddenly, when the competition from Nintendo is doing so well?

There could be many reasons for the controversial choices. These games are more modern, and that could mean licensing is tricker, especially when it comes to music. Many have already been remade for modern consoles, perhaps Sony was worried about the potential cannibalization of sales.

Regardless of the reasoning, the vast majority of people were disappointed with the bizarre hodgepodge of titles. Though there’s no denying there are some absolutely fantastic games included, even the most dedicated PlayStation fanboy could see it was nowhere near the untouchable pedigree of the competition from Nintendo.

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About Sony PlayStation Classic

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