At the beginning of 2018, Bravado Gaming was awarded with a DELL (Alienware) & Intel META region ambassador

Bravado Gaming Project Destiny may come to an end


At the beginning of 2018, Bravado Gaming was awarded with a DELL (Alienware) & Intel META region ambassador sponsorship, which saw an increase of funds for the organization. Prior to this and because of the this, we planned on creating a zero-to-hero story alongside DELL, Alienware & Intel. The zero-to-hero story that we’d been working on during the course of 2017, was Project Destiny. Project Destiny would see a team (our CS:GO division) of 6 South African individuals embark on a journey to tell a story to the world by relocating to the United States of America to compete on one of the highest professional e-sports levels in the world

It's been around four and a half months since the Bravado Gaming #CSGO team arrived in the USA for #projectdestiny and the support has been amazing as the boys have been growing from strength-to-strength. Here's an update video of what's gone down since their move to Arizona and how their journey has evolved in the past few months as well as what the future holds for the team who is on a mission!

Throughout our highs and lows and our recent achievements, we’ve been working so hard (behind closed doors) the entire year to ensure that the success of the team goes unnoticed to potential corporates, investors and brands. During this time we’ve been in chats and negotiations with multiple companies (endemic and non-endemic) in order to secure additional funding to ensure that there is no risk of ending this story anytime soon as having to pay for Travel, Rent, Utilities, Allowances, Food, Vehicle, VISA’s (and more) has been super costly. In addition, we’ve been working on acquiring O1/P1 Sporting VISA’s for the players, however, we haven’t been able to achieve this goal (as we cannot establish a sponsorship in the USA) which gives threat to our players each and every-time they enter the USA.

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